Friday, 15 February 2013


Tonight as this old video started playing on my system, i was drawn back to the time when i recorded it.  We've come a long way G...and through all these years you've seen me grow and evolve- Dumping bad relationships, Laughing through fruitless crushes, Stabilizing after unexpected turns, Combating cold colleagues and all other things that made up my life. 

Five years is a long time. I still remember you, stand out amidst the crowd, with your towering personality and hazel green eyes, while i waited with a group of common friends in CP. Little did i know back then, that your name will capture the spot light of my early twenties, and etch itself in the history of my life. You were one of those strangers, who seemed familiar. The kinda people whose aura, makes you believe, that you know them from a long time. Providence definitely played its part in bringing us together. I somehow feel destiny had a major role, in elevating Delhi from  just the capital of India, to a city that ate up my heart.You remember those times when i behaved like a Bollywood bimbette, and swished through airports, just because i missed you? hehe if someone profited from our relationship, its definitely the airline company. lol

You have made my heart beat faster than it should, tolerated my non adherence to the norms of normalcy, Seldom questioned my affair with travel, Understood my proclivity for new experience, Come to make peace with my randomness, Been generous with the space i often seek, Gracefully handled my grouchy mood swings ......And most importantly, you've loved me when i acted like a complete idiot.

Sometimes i miss that twenty year old me. I want to be able to do all those things i did back then- sneak into the boys hostel, sit by your side, hear your laughter, watch a movie on your laptop, walk around the campus at 3am and  race away on your bike in directions we barely know. I want to be able to live freely like before, laugh loudly as i used to and love uninhibitedly like old times.  

Somewhere deep down, i am perhaps still the same person. But like everything else in the world, on the surface, I've given into change. The equation between us has changed too-  in its tone, texture,intensity, intricacy, color and chemistry.  In all these years of togetherness, I've connected to many you's and many me's in new and strange ways and come to love the delicious balance of sugar and spice. I'v come to be more tolerant, hopeful and accepting of life. Like every other relationship, we have had our share of teething troubles, fights,tears and bitter memories too. But then, the love has always been enough and more, to dissolve the darker patches and make way for beautiful seasons.

Tonight as i lie here sprawled on my bed, reliving the time when i shot that video.. I just cannot help fall in love with the guy seated between A and S.  Miss you:) 

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